In-Store Screening

“The mission of Audiology-Online is to improve access to reliable hearing screening for the general population with a view to ensuring more people come forward earlier so that effective triage ensures audiology resource is more cost effectively utilised” 

Screening VS Test

Hearing Tests

As you are aware vast majority of tests are carried out by Registered Professionals (Audiologists) who are trained to deliver the test to a British Standard using a specific bit of kit (Audiometer). This is expensive, time consuming, inconvenient for the end user (because they have to go and physically see somebody) and explains why people, on average, wait for seven years before having a hearing test. This is socially undesirable and acts as a barrier to market growth.

Hearing Screening

With our software it is now possible to screen a person for hearing loss by carrying out some parts of a test. Which means your audiologist can only see clients who have a hearing less and triage the people who don’t. This is not only quicker, more comfortable and convenient but also save money for both the prospective client and the business with our in store screener.

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What Are The Benefits?

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