In-Store Screening

“Our mission is to improve access to reliable hearing screening for the general population so that more people come forward earlier. This product provides a more efficient pathway to the benefit of both users and providers” 

Screening VS Test

Hearing Tests By Audiologist

The one to one nature of a hearing test discourages people from seeking help with their hearing and places time and cost burdens on the provider. Additionally people associate having a hearing test with the provision of a hearing aid – because Audiologists provide hearing aids. Together these create a significant barrier to market growth.

Automated Hearing Screening

More accessible, less time consuming and less of a mental commitment than going to see an Audiologist, automated hearing screening encourages people to embark on their personal pathway to seeking help sooner. Since a test is the catalyst to taking action the rationale for offering a convenient hearing test to as many people as possible is strong. It also ensures time & resource carrying out high level testing is not spent on those with no loss.

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What Are The Benefits?

Proven Technology

Successfully undergone extensive user acceptance testing and end to end testing. Now in use in over 800 stores in the U.K.

We Work With You

Tailored licensing & hosting options available. We train and help you to understand how our software is best used.

Integrating Patient Data 

We understand the value in ensuring that client data can be transferred seamlessly across your business.