Online lead generation

Private providers of services to the hearing impaired who wish to generate high quality, cost effective leads


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NHS Triage

G.P’s, ENT’s and NHS/AQP providers of diagnostic and audiology patient pathways who are interested in saving time and money with an easy to implement, innovative enhancement.


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HSE Noise at work Testing

Employers with employees working in noise who need to be tested in accordance with HSE regulations.


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Lead Generation


HSE Test

Technical Innovation

Developed by  audiology-online logo  and validated by SSU click here to view calibration certificates and technical papers.

Traditional audiometer headphones are poor and made worse by use of audio cups

Subjective variance of calibrated audiometer systems

DT770’s out perform traditional headphones and are best used with PVC earcups

Insertion loss of DT770 and different ear cup types

Traditional audiometer calibration methods are flawed leading to significant real world measurement uncertainty

Amplitude variation in calibrated audiometer systems

Inconsistencies in an individual’s responses create variances in audiometric data

Insertion loss of DT770 and different ear cup types

The tablet performs as well as traditional audiometers.

Tablet Vs traditional audiometry in a care home

calibration certificates


Calibration-document – Tab 3

Calibration document _Tab3_

Calibration-document – Tab 2

Calibration document _Tab2_

Calibration document Acer with DT770

Calibration document _Acer with DT770_

Who we are

Anybody who has had their hearing tested recently will probably recognise that nothing has changed for a long time. Audiometers (the equipment used to measure hearing) routinely use headphones that were first used by Spitfire Pilots in the Second World War, they are calibrated once a year to British Standards first written long before computers were in common use and the process relies on one to one interaction between the person being tested and the operator which acts as a barrier to people having a test because it is expensive for the provider and time consuming and inconvenient for the person being tested.

Audiology-Online Ltd was formed to bring audiometry up to date with the intention of improving accessibility and driving down costs. It has developed a test with the help of Southampton Solent University which will enable people to take a test (whether it is for, NHS triage, HSE Noise at Work or hearing screening) at a time that suits them.


Home test

our team members

team 1

Mark Ashmore RHAD, MIOA - Founder

The founder of Audiology-Online, Mark has been testing peoples hearing for over twenty years. He is a Registered Hearing Aid Dispenser and a Member of the Institute of Acoustics. He is passionate about improving the quality of the current test as well as doing all he can to improve access and convenience in the UK and abroad. Hearing loss is the most globally prevalent disability and he believes it is incongruous that a seventy year old test prevails despite an avalanche of technological development in the intervening years.
team 1

Andy Reid MSc -

Andrew Reid is a Consultant Clinical Scientist (Audiology) as well as a Registered Hearing Aid Dispenser. He studied Zoology/Psychology (BSc) at the University of Wales and then Audiology at Southampton University (MSc). He was Head of the Audiology Department at the Royal United Hospital, Bath from 1989 to 2014 and joined the Board of Audiology-Online following his retirement from the NHS. He has over 50 publications and is first Editor on the book: “Intracranial and Inner Ear Physiology and Pathophysiology”.
team 1

Chris Spray -

Chris worked for a general insurance Company for 23 years working on IBM mainframes in Programming, Data Analysis, Transaction Analysis, Database Design, Online Transaction Systems Support, Database Backup/Recovery/Housekeeping, Test Data Management, Performance Management, Storage Management and Disaster Recovery. He also developed in-house MS Access applications. He moved to PC/Server support and software development in 1999 and has worked with Mark from the start of this project. Audiology-Online owns the intellectual property rights and bespoke software developed by Chris which delivers the test in all of its guises and runs the routines which enable the patent pending headphones to be calibrated.
team 1

Rob Misselbrook CFA -

Rob originally began his career in the City with Lehman Brothers covering the medical diagnostic sector before joining the VC (UK) team. In 2003, he left the industry and bought into a number of companies and founded two others. His other roles include commercializing technology for the University of Exeter, and he is Financial Director of Isca Diagnostics. Prior to his commercial career, Rob was an aviator for the British Army.
team 1

Dr Chris Barlow MSc BMus PgCLTHE MIOA MIET -

Reader in Acoustics at Southampton Solent University. Joint lead with Mark Ashmore of a Short Knowledge Transfer Partnership (sKTP) part funded by the Technology Strategy Board to develop the online hearing test product. Outputs from the project include five technical papers based on research around developing the test and internal funding to port the test onto a mobile platform as an app.
team 1

Lee Davison Bsc -

KTP Associate and now acoustics developer at Southampton Solent University. A key part of the development team Lee worked with Mark, Chris Spray and Chris Barlow to contribute to the development and validation of the online test as well as working on building the prototype headphones for the calibrated test.


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  • Address: 20a High Street, Glastonbury, Somerset, BA6 9DU
  • Telephone: 01458 746060/746061

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