In-store Hearing Screening
An award winning software driven in-store hearing screening system designed to reliably triage those with no hearing loss. Created by Audiology Online to save you both time and money by ensuring your audiologists only spend time with the those who need your help.

Our Stage Approach – Screen The Candidate First

Our service is designed to screen and does not require an operator.

It enables you to screen people in stores where there is no audiologist present and, in busy stores, it saves time by ensuring only those with a loss take up expensive audiologist time.

Easy Integration

Our software is easily integrated into to your business enabling you to effectively generate high quality appointments.

User Friendly

Designed with the end-user in mind. Really simple for all customers to use. Press start - Enter your Details and Hit go.

Prooving Results

As of 2017 we have leased our software to over 850 Specsaver stores in the U.K.

Staged Approach!

1 – Customers come into your store
2 – They use the self serve screening test to identify if they have an hearing loss
3 – Only customers with a hearing loss see the audiologist

We have proofed 500 tests at one time ensuring maximum device efficiency.

We integrate with your own company branding to positively benefit your customers experience in your store.

Let your customers serve them selves and reduce your overall company costs.

Our Tests are BS 60645-1:2001- BS EN 389-8:2004 - BS EN ISO 8253-1:2010 Compliant

Reduce the amount people who don't have a hearing loss from your schedule.

Spending no more time and money on equipment or people doing high level tests on people who have no loss.

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