In-store Hearing Screening
Patent: GB 2494540
An award winning software driven in-store hearing screening system designed to reliably triage those with no hearing loss. Created by Audiology-Online to save both time and money by ensuring Hearing Professionals spend time with those who need help.
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Save time by ensuring only those with a loss take up expensive Audiologist time.

Fully automatic – No Audiologist required

Air Conduction audiometry to British Standards

CE marked

A staged approach – Screen the candidate first

Easy Implementation

Our tablet & headphones are delivered ready for use. Installed within minutes - simply plug in, switch on and start screening.

User Friendly

Designed with the end-user in mind. Really simple for all customers to use. Press start - enter your details and hit start.

Proven Results

Exclusively licensed to a major U.K retailer who uses it successfully in over 800 stores. We can only accept enquiries outside of the U.K and ROI.

Staged Approach!

1 – Customers come into your store
2 – They are screened for hearing loss
3 – Only customers with a hearing loss see the audiologist
4 – Those with no loss are added to your database

Can be configured to run as many concurrent tests as your business requires.

High level software security guaranteed to keep your data safe.

BS 60645-1:2001- BS EN 389-8:2004 - BS EN ISO 8253-1:2010

We can integrate your own company branding into our product.

Tests can be supervised or unsupervised according to the needs of your business

Reliable and inexpensive triage designed to save time and money

Extra revenue naturally follows by ensuring your audiologist only sees people with a hearing loss.

WorkScreen Ltd has stopped trading and is in the process of being dissolved. The shareholders have gone their separate ways and are involved in new ventures. The technology used by the parties in their respective ventures is entirely different.

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